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Poulnabrone is one of the best examples of a Dolmen in Ireland.

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Poulnabrone Dolmen, The Burren, Co. Clare.

The word “Dolmen” comes from two Breton words meaning “Stone Table”. It consists of a capstone supported by three or more uprights. Poulnabrone is one of the best examples of a Dolmen in Ireland. Researchers estimate that this monument can be dated between  4,300 and 3,500 BC.

In Irish mythology Dolmens are associated with the lovers Diarmuid & Gráinne. It is said that they were resting places for the weary lovers seeking refuge from the great warrior Fionn.

The Cross of Winter - Irish Celtic cross design by John Quigley

The Cross of Winter

The Celtic Cross is one of the symbols that is most commonly associated with Ireland.

The Christian monks of the seventh century adapted the ancient pagan Celtic art style to create new insular art forms for this new religion in the form of  highly decorated carved stone high crosses and elaborate illuminated manuscripts.


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The  Tonns Wave is one of  the three great waves of Ireland. Greencastle, Inishowen, Co. Donegal, Ireland. John Quigley

The Tonns Wave Print

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The salmon of Knowledge based on a irish fairy tale.

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Dolmen - Carrowmore, County Sligo.

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Celtic bird motif wraparound ceramic mug design

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 standing stones, Dolmens and Crosses of Ireland

The Irish lanscape series - all painted in acrylic, pen & ink.

The Temple of Dean.

 Bocan, Culdaff, Co. Donegal, Ireland.

Fahan Mura Cross Slab.

 Fahan, Inishowen, Co. Donegal, Ireland.

The Morton God.

Clonmany, Inishowen, Co. Donegal, Ireland.


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