I first met Jim by chance off Grafton Street in Dublin in 1992. I am a huge fan of his work and his iconic paintings for the Irish rock band Thin Lizzy. In 1993 we began to collaborate on  paintings.

Below is a selection of some of them.

Collaborations with Jim Fitzpatrick

Please not that all paintings posted here are the copyright of © Jim Fitzpatrick.

The Book of Conquests - Dark Version 2002

Jim wanted to have a second version of his  painting of King Nuada created.

He gave me the line drawing and I painted the underpainting. As you can see from the final version he overpainted it in very dark blue tones and made a marvelous painting as good as and maybe a little better ( in my opinion) than the original.

During the painting process I photographed it as I progressed and here are the results.

The Kiss - Beneath the sky of stars II . 2004


During the painting process I photographed it as I progressed and here are the results.

This is the finished painting.

Below are the photographs of my underpainting.

The finished overpainting was by Jim.

Photo of detail of my finished under painting of The Kiss before Jim added the highlights and the background.


Various paintings



Prepared with the assistance of Jeff Adams and John Quigley.


This painting is the first of a new series of Celtic abstracts or illuminations. I enjoyed the act of design and composition of this whole series which I regard as more personal and original the the earlier Celtic Illuminations series.


In this new series I allowed a stronger and more simplified design to follow it’s own course. If I remember correctly my inspiration for the series came from a Celtic gold boss shield design from the cover of an ancient manuscript.


I intend to continue this series for the next few years with the help of the assistants named above.


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