The Brown Bull of Cooley- April 2013.

The Illustrations for this book were started in January 2013  and completed by April 2013

All are painted in Acrylic, Pen & Ink.

Books and Book Covers  Illustrated by John Quigley

Queen Maeve Illustration

Queen Maeve Pencil Drawing

Queen Maeve Pen & Ink Drawing

Queen Maeve published page

The Pencil drawing for Queen Maeve was drawn very quickly - I think in about 10 minutes.

It took me ages to come up with an image for her as I was under extreme time restraints to finish illustrating the book.


I had to tape an extra sheet of paper three quarters down the drawing because her hair was going to become a design at the bottom of the page.

I redrew the pencil sketch in Pen & Ink and I kept it pretty close to the pencil drawing apart from some variation in her hair.

Queen Maeve Final Painting

I was very happy how this turned out.

Queen Maeve greeting card design - front and back

Queen Maeve wraparound ceramic mug design

Brown Bull Illustration

Ailill mac Máta  Illustration

Brown Bull Illustration

Gold Coin  Illustration

Brown Bull Illustration


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